Welcome to Smug Cooking School

A community-based cooking school for the time-poor, stuck-in-a-rut, frustrated home-cook.

"I love Al’s motto… she makes cooking nutrient dense meals so simple. She won’t make you go without, it’s not a diet and its not restrictive. Just more of the good stuff… and she promises you won’t be hiding in the pantry crying when no one will eat your meals anymore. Boom!" K.H

"This is an investment not just for me… but for my kids. We are doing this course together so that one day, when they leave home, they’ll have the skills and knowledge to make nourishing and tasty food. And then one day, be able to teach their babes how to cook nutrient dense for too. These are the kinds of gifts we give each other." D. A

"Joining Smug Cooking School has brought more flavour, variety and a depth of knowledge I’m so grateful to have in our kitchen now, so if food is your thing, I highly recommend joining too, you get so much value from these two." D. dB

Finally, an online cooking school that shows you EXACTLY how to create a variety of healthy meals the whole family + fussy eaters will love, in less time, so you can get out of your cooking rut and learn to love cooking.

  • Even if... you think the thing you suck at most in the kitchen is ‘everything!’
  • Even if... you think creativity and the kitchen don’t mix
  • Even if... you're overwhelmed and have no idea where to start
  • Even if... you've thought to yourself “I’ll never be able to prepare a feast like that'.

"Today in Smug Cooking School we went to Mexico! Really, the Elote’ (street corn) speaks for itself if you check out this picture. The kids (big and little) devoured it! ⁣

We filmed all of the creation LIVE with our ‘Smug Cooks’, and it’s now uploaded to our membership site!⁣

We had marinated snapper tacos (cannot even describe the goodness!), Mexican beans, elote, pickled cabbage, guacamole and coco-mex sauce, learned about heat, pan and temperature techniques for cooking proteins (tell Uncle Bob to stop flipping those steaks over 50 times!), and even had a chat about how sugar switches on our dopamine receptors and can turn us into little gremlins. "


An entire year of access to the Smug Cooking School. YES! We will be teaching throughout the year!


Smug Cooking School

The Smuggest!

One-time payment for access to all content within the course! Regular updates and emails from Alice and Hayley and Facebook or email support!

3 payments of $55/m

Smug Queen

3 x quarterly payments

Access to the full course content unlimited. Regular updates and email and Facebook Support.

Stop feeling useless and start feeling really bloody Smug in the kitchen. 


Stop being a slave to 5 different mouths of taste-buds (so you don't go mad!)

Meal plan and prep like a fancy Instagrammer.

Create a depth of flavour in your home-cooking so that you need less ingredients to make yummy meals.

Create a foundation of wellbeing and immune support with a low-inflammatory lifestyle.

Added bonus: Age backwards through nutrient-dense living!

Build a repertoire of functional food recipes that not only nourish the body, but systematically support long-term physical healing and emotional wellness.

Join a community of deadset 10’s who will laugh maniacally, support you (and maybe commiserate with you), as we take the steps together to become very bloody SMUG in the kitchen.

We've already shared so much information about creating flavourful and nutrient-rich foods, kitchen 'know-how' and ideas, and common ingredients and their alternatives.

You won't miss out on any of this; when you sign up you get immediate access to ALL modules and supplementary information shared so far as well as access to our incredibly supportive private Facebook group - your new Smug family!

The 'feels' come with the meals here at Smug!

"You guys ... this mama feels sooo smuugg!

I was not blessed with an 'eater' ... [my child] had a full on sweet tooth, avoidance to most 'new' things and was defiant in will and food! 

My years of breastfeeding, pureed organic goodness and BLW felt soo wasted... I beat myself up. Hard! And as uncomfortable as it is to admit ... I slowly gave up. 

I had wasted so much time, energy, money and heart.... everything was rejected. [I felt] her foods were basic AF and I cringed when I fed her. My only consolation was ... her love for the kitchen and the fact my 'bad' foods probably weren't the worse things humankind had fed their kids. ...

This has been my favorite investment in forever!!!  The Smug Sauce alone - she would eat daily and in anything! Pinwheels, mexican night, sushi, fritattas … she's eating! She’s trying!

Tonight she was tired, she was asking for her favorite.... sausages and beans. I didn’t flinch, I cooked some grass fed sausages and added smug sauce and a big ass spoon of broth to the beans and remembered what I learnt on the first lesson. 'Do what you can, where you can'....

Thank you Alice and Hayley, I feel smug, I feel renewed and I finally have nutrition I’m happy with going in to this fiesty gal!" F. W


"I just had to share my smug moment!

Normally when there is talk of going to the beach close to dinner time, I get a little anxious. “No, I don’t want the kids to have fish and chips for dinner tonight.”

But tonight, thanks to some early prepping of the Smug Sauce, I boiled up some pulse pasta, threw it in the thermoserver with the Smug Sauce, packed some bowls and forks and off we went for two hours of bliss at the beach, rockpooling and watching the epic swell. A Smug picnic dinner that was devoured by the kids, and not a chip was mentioned #smugmummy.

Alice and Hayley, thank you for helping me to enjoy these beautiful evenings at the beach with my family...

Do you ladies realise the ripples you are creating? Thank you so much."

J. Mc

Hi, I’m Alice Nicholls

You won’t know me from any major cooking show or fancy-pants print cookbook, because I’ve been sharing healthy ideas, recipes and cooking tips with you on social media and through eBooks and zines for free for the last 8 years. 

So, it’s more likely you first found me through my blog or social media accounts The Whole Daily. 

I threw off the suit and stilettos and walked out of my fancy corporate office to pursue a career in health in 2013 and I haven’t looked back.  

I studied Environmental Medicine through the University of Arizona, became a certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and finally completed my Nutritional Medicine qualifications (majoring in Naturopathy and Biomedical sciences). 

I shared all of this with the world on Facebook and Instagram (before the world was even watching) and after so many of you asked for it, I recently decided to launch Smug Cooking School so that we can all learn to love to cook, feel healthier and very bloody smug, together.

I used to be pretty dogmatic about the food and recipes I shared and the message I presented. 


Or - if you've been around me for a while - you may remember the cake I made that used cooked quinoa, had three layers and used beetroot juice as food colouring for a ‘balayage’ effect down the cake? Lordy. 

Over time though, the more I learned about optimum health the more I realised it’s the over-complicating of things that does us all in. 

Also, full disclosure: When I was a pregnant mamma-in-waiting, I thought that because I was eating whole foods and organic produce (+ wearing long skirts and big rings, smelling like patchouli oil, kale stems sticking out of my calico mesh bag, milking my own almonds etc.) that naturally my own offspring would enthusiastically follow my lead when it came to food and nourishment. 


Apparently, there can be stages and regressions and progressions and wow, go figure, they would have their own agency over likes and dislikes much more than I would have imagined. 

I had a daughter who, it turned out, had a pretty wonky gut and who craved all things sugar and white and fast carbs. (We’ll chat about kids and gut health in Smug Cooking School). 

And of course, sometimes, kids are just little turds sent to earth to make us feel grateful for a single unaccompanied trip to the toilet.

Over time, I realised that:

Dogma doesn’t belong in the kitchen

We are all doing, or at the very least, want to do, our best.

Most people believed the secret to time-saving, flavour-filled, healthy meals, is either lengthy and complicated prep or processes or outsourcing part or all of the meals to pre-made packets. 

I realised that ‘health influencers’ kept saying to you ‘Only eat foods your Grandma would recognise or cook’, but then they’d never bloody tell you what they were or how to cook them.

And the mantra: ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants’?

Yeah sweet mate, but, like… what plants exactly? Should you climb the gumtree for the fresh tips maybe?

And for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY... how the fu*k do you get a 3yo, & a 6yo to ‘eat plants’ without throwing plate after plate of food in the bin, ending up curled in the foetal position in the pantry with a tea-towel stuffed in your mouth to mask the sounds of your breakdown? 

I remembered that ‘Simple is better’. That low-fuss doesn’t mean low taste. 

And most importantly, I realised that the love and community was missing from the kitchen. 

These two ‘precious’ ingredients were found in spades back in Grandma’s days and together, they offer a depth of flavour you can’t buy in a Lean Cuisine 97% fat free 100% emotional mind-fuckery plastic tray tiny-dinner-meal. 

If you learn to love what you cook, what you cook will love-on you right back.

An entire year of access to the Smug Cooking School. And yes we will be teaching throughout the entire year!


Smug Cooking School

The Smuggest!

One-time payment for access to all content within the course! Regular updates and emails from Alice and Hayley and Facebook or email support!

3 payments of $55/m

Smug Queen

3 x quarterly payments

Access to the full course content unlimited. Regular updates and email and Facebook Support.

Love and Community and plate-loads of delicious, nourishing, meals. STAT!


I turned to my sis, Hayley.

My womb-mate, my identical twinny, the gal I’ve been cooking next to since I was 3yo (yep!), and asked her if she’d help me launch Smug Cooking School.

Hayley and I might be identical twins but we are also very different.

Where I am messy, Hayley is neat, where I wear the rainbow, she’s all linen in natural earth colours (puts her kid in white linen too… and they both rock it. I mean? Maybe she’s an alien). 

Where I am like an active volcano… Hayley is one of those underground caves with the turquoise water in it. 

Hayley is a ‘PLAN’ and I am a ‘FUCK-IT’. 

And it is this that is absolutely perfect for Smug Cooking School. 

You can rest assured that your community support is going to be tip-top (and frankly, your experience is going to be that much better, because of what Hayley brings to the Smug Family Dining table).

Plus if you have littlies, she's right in the thick of getting her little one into the most incredibly nourishing foods and is a wealth of knowledge on nutrient density for toddlers!

Two is better than one.

Community is better than anything!

What we do have in common is that we stood on stools, side by side, in little Bunnykins aprons (we still have them), while we learned how to cook healthy, budget-friendly meals, from scratch, that would cover a distance of days that yes, Grandma would recognise. 

We have quals, and skills and we know lots of ‘stuff’, but we’re Mums too. So ease, variety, nourishment, and being able to bring family together through food, is important to us.

(Also cheese). 

And now we get to join the yin and yang and the combined 65+ (farkkkk) years of kitchen experience to you, to us, in Smug Cooking School.

Smug Cooking School is like allowing us to crowdsource your new+fun kitchen community in a way that's not being done today. 

Personally, I don’t give two hoots about 'the competition' because I trust you’re smart enough to find the folks you want to strawberry-jam with all on your own.

BUT....I will say, that only yesterday I searched for ‘online cooking school’ and came across only a few and they look sah bloody BORING!

Not only are they taught in a kitchen equipped for a Michelin Star chef, but they’re about $48+USD a month!

But the worst? There’s no connection with any others. Just you, and the screen and the chef.

Now, Call me ‘simple folk’, but I want to hear you, see you, giggle-snort with you. 

I want to be able to be present and answer your questions and be IN THIS with you.

THAT'S cooking!

This is an example of the first 3 months of education.

Smug Cooking School is a yearly membership model.

There is new content being added continuously and direct communication with Smug Founders Alice and Hayley.

We host private and exclusive live cooking and education classes direct to our members regularly.

You may get juicy recipes and inspo in our Smug Cooking School Instagram page but we save the BEST and most dedicated support and personal education (tailored to you!) for our Smug 'Family' Members.

Module One:

Foundation Station - 

  1. Base recipes for time-saving, variety, depth of flavour and nutrition (live cooking class) 
  2. Kitchen preparation (What we need to make the food we love)
  3. Pantry/fridge and ​freezer staples

Module 2​:

Prepped! -

  1. Storable condiments and sides (live cooking class)
  2. Fats and oils. What to use and why (live class)
  3. Guide to selecting foods for maximum nutrition
  4. Preparing non-organic produce for use

Module 3:

Better than takeaway! -

Single serve meals -

  1. Toddler & primary-school lunch ideas and recipes
  2. Work/office lunches
  3. Pre-made 'take-away' hacks!
  4. Create multiple meals from one meal prep (regardless of fam size) (live cooking class)

Module 4:

Virtual Smug Family dinner -

  1. Mexican and South American inspired (live cooking class)
  2. 'Virtual' Smug Family dinner 

Module 5:

Salads, Sides & Snacks - 

  1. Salt, acid, fat, heat, sweet. Constructing a salad that rocks the taste buds 
  2. Snacks for adults and kids alike for: play-lunch, work lunch, or stay-at-home 'in-between' meals (live video class)

Module 6:​

Love your guts - 

  1. Lifestyle and food for optimum gut and immune health (live video class)
  2. Vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous foods to heal and seal the gut
  3. How to make: Nut cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi (live cooking classes)

Module 7:

Healthy alternatives for increased wellbeing - 

  1. Current dietary thought adjustments - (live class)
  2. Reducing inflammation and response to high-allergen foods (gluten, lactose, artificial colours and flavours, night-shades, high fructose foods)
  3. Breakfast revolution - flipping the way we start the day
  4. Simple foods and drinks to support detox and detox pathways (live cooking and preparation class)

Module 8:

Hooray for Italy - Virtual Smug Family Dinner

  1. Viva l'Italia (live cooking class)
  2. 6 ways with: pasta : (live cooking class)

Module 9:

Meals in minutes - 

Quick and easy meal prep using: 

  1. Chickpeas
  2. Eggs
  3. Potatoes (sweet and white)
  4. Legumes (tinned or dried, soaked and simmered)
  5. Broccoli & Cauliflower
  6. Spinach
  7. Pumpkin
  8. Tomatoes
  9. Chicken

(live cooking classes)​

Module 10:

Cooking Traditional Favourites (made Healthy)

  1. Meat and three veg
  2. Burgers
  3. Pizza
  4. Fish and Chips
  5. Nuggets
  6. Lasagne
  7. Butter chicken
  8. Baked potatoes 

(live cooking classes)

Module 11:

Time Management and Flow - 

Navigating a large meal prep to reduce time, create ease, and put multiple dishes on the table at the same time (Live cooking class)

Module 12:

Celebrate - 

  1. Healthy party food and drinks
  2. Cakes, sweets and drinks for fun! (live cooking classes)


An entire year of access to the Smug Cooking School. And yes we will be teaching throughout the entire year!


Smug Cooking School

The Smuggest!

One-time payment for access to all content within the course! Regular updates and emails from Alice and Hayley and Facebook or email support!

3 payments of $55/m

Smug Queen

3 x quarterly payments

Access to the full course content unlimited. Regular updates and email and Facebook Support.

'OMG! Did you know we are hosting a virtual 'Smug Family' dinner once a month! We'll have a theme and the same recipes, then get to share the experience! It's going to be the bee's knees! Makes me SO excited!'

What you get access to:

  • Personal Online Course Platform membership to Smug Cooking School for the length of your membership (content was live from Sunday Dec 8, 2019, but when you sign up today, you can binge watch-read-bake-learn ALL information, live classes and BONUS live classes shared so far!)
  • Bonus classes so far have been centred around: 'Women, protein and 'weight loss'' and 'Cravings: physical and emotional'
  • Access to our private Facebook Group (this is where the live cooking sessions will be hosted as well as other training videos) for the length of your membership
  • 12 weeks+ of live cooking classes where you can ask questions that can be answered on the spot + classes on:
  • Gut and immunity
  • Healthy lunchboxes
  • Desserts
  • Food and emotions
  • Weight-loss (Yep, we are going there in a way that you may not be used to but will LOVE!)
  • Personal video classes curated based on info that YOU want to learn
  • An open, monthly invitation to join us for Smug Family Dinner (OMG! My heart feels so happy imagining what bonds will form after 12 months of cooking together! Weeee!)
  • All prep lists including recipes, shopping, pantry, kitchen etc. supplies
  • Personal access to Q&A with Alice and Hayley to support your own experience - because we know that there is no 'one size fits all'.


Q: What happens after I join?

A: You will receive an email thanking you for joining with a link to our PRIVATE Facebook group. This will be password protected and Hayley will let you in and welcome you.

We started LIVE classes on 8th Dec (in time for making Xmas a little more Smug), and have been available since then to chat about all things Smug cooking and food.

Q: I am vegan (or vegetarian), is this course for me?

A: YES. I consider the way of eating we teach 'plant based'. I eat more than 80% veg and Hayley is Pescatarian.

I have personally been creating tasty-toxin free vegan food for years.

The major components of all of these recipes and classes are plant-based and for those that aren't we have vegan alternatives. Come on in leaf-lover!

Q: What ages are the recipes suited?

A: There are recipes that can be eaten by a bubba just starting on solids and then all the way to the other end of the spectrum.

Q: How much time will I spend cooking?

A: We are going to work through a 'foundation' month of preparation and basic meals that will set you up for spending less and less time actually cooking.

You might feel like a newborn foal to begin and things may take a little longer, but as you practice, you'll be whipping out full family meals in less than 30 mins. (maybe even 10!)

There are so many dishes and bases that can be made in advance and we will teach you and show you how to create fridge staples that you can prep in advance to make your life SO much easier.

Q: I have allergies to 'you name it', can I still join the school and get value from it?

A: Nature always has alternatives!

This is one of the benefits of working in a school where you have direct access to us. If you 'can't' have a specific food, let us know, let us get to know you and we will always suggest alternatives. I'm even willing to let the lady in who can't have garlic... ;) And you KNOW how I feel about garlic!

Q: I don't have Facebook and I don't want to join Facebook for this incredible community. ;)

A: Okay okay, you Lone Ranger, while we would adore to have you rollin' with us in the Facebook Group because 'community', we understand that may not be for you.

All of the LIVE classes and events will be recorded and uploaded to the Private Membership Platform you have complete access to for the length of your membership.

Q: How long do I have access?

A: It's a one year recurring subscription and we will be teaching throughout the year.

Any PDF and other 'downloadables' we provide will be yours to download and keep forever if you so wish.

We are cooking and eating the rainbow, my friends...

Even if it doesn't look like it.

For instance, last night my kids devoured a totally veggie-packed dinner that looked super plain.

Our philosophy on cooking is to make it as nutrient-dense as possible.

This means 'throwing logs on the fire' in regards to creating a foundation of wellness through food.

In nourishing the body and mind daily, and in supporting a lifetime of health and vitality for yourself and the future generations, we all teach and inspire.

Our kids and those around us take note of what we do, not just what we say, and so LOVING our own experience with real foods, and creating a connection to what we eat, is a great place to start.

The meals we are making are PLANT BASED.

However not necessarily vegetarian or vegan.

It simply means we teach to cook with 80%+ plants and then we teach how to add functional foods that may come from animals.

Please see FAQ's for more info on this as we are totally adaptable for vegans and vego's and we have whole cooking sessions on this.

We will cook:

  • Plant based
  • Predominantly gluten free, sugar free, many are dairy free
  • Based around a low inflammation
  • Immune supportive
  • Gut loving (healing and sealing)
  • Healthy mood foods

What type of meals will we be cooking?

An entire year of access to the Smug Cooking School. And yes we will be teaching throughout the entire year!


Smug Cooking School

The Smuggest!

One-time payment for access to all content within the course! Regular updates and emails from Alice and Hayley and Facebook or email support!

3 payments of $55/m

Smug Queen

3 x quarterly payments

Access to the full course content unlimited. Regular updates and email and Facebook Support.

The type of results you're going to get from learning how to cook SMUG!

You might not have kids and that's cool too. You can give ya badself the thumbs up in that case!


The 'feels' come with the meals here at Smug!

"Hayley, thank you for being one of the most amazing course facilitators! I’ve been watching you check in on everyone and remember what they needed and t’s so lovely - THANK YOU!!!" K.N

"Toddler and parent happiness! Miss ‘likes white food’ just devoured a bowl of kale chips followed by home-made kale pesto and roast capsicum dip. Smug Cooking School, you are the bomb! Huge shout out. I’ve 100% got my money’s worth, 3 weeks in to a 12 week course. Now time for dinner… choice of pesto, roast capsicum dip, baba ganoush & satay chicken. Who even am I?!!" K.

"I am so glad I signed up. I was reluctant initially because I'd signed up for other cooking schools in the past and wasn’t happy with them. But you ladies speak my language and align with my food philosophy." J.S

"I think I’m in love with you! My nearly 8 year old has SO many intolerances and I have a hard ‘NO’ policy to ‘fake food’, so this is going to rock our world and she’ll get to find joy in another one of your tongue-tingling taste sensations. Thank you! Thank you both so much for your amazingness and your F*cking epicness and your unwavering drive to deliver this mind-blowing content week after week! BEST. DECISION. EVVVVVER. joining Smug Cooking School." S.

"Smug has by far been the best investment I’ve ever made. The info, inspiration and detail is beyond what I was expecting. So, thank you!!!!" B.A

"‘I think that’s the best stir-fry you’ve ever made!’ - husband after eating Super Greens Stir Fry for dinner! Have to say, I agree! Also loving that even if the kids opt to only have rice for dinner, they’re still getting lots pf goodness in their broth, turmeric-y, ghee-laced rice!" C.C

"Worlds fussiest kid ate a few mung bean sprouts and some spinach tonight. I had to ask my husband if I was dreaming!

Admittedly I usually pimp our rice so wasn’t too surprised they ate that but the little guy who doesn’t usually eat shredded meat had some of that too with sauce (big guy at least tasted sauce before rejecting it)!

Nearly fell off my chair!" C. C

"One thing I have loved from Smug is reframing what dinner ‘should’ look like. It doesn’t have to be a specific meal with a name! Who knew!

Tonight we had some scrambled eggs, random vege from the crisper cooked up, roast pumpkin, olives, avo and sauerkraut on focaccia I made this arvo. Sure one kid had avo on bread, other had the same with a bit of egg but it wasn’t a big deal to prepare, it was all free from additives and preservatives and this 40 week preggas [mama] didn’t have to be on her feet for long to prep it or waste more $$ on dodgy [delivery] food!" C.C

"After signing up a few weeks ago I’m FINALLY starting with the class content. I’m actually killing myself laughing. This is golden! So realistic to cooking in my house! Feeling super inspired already!" T.M

"Absolutely loving the shift in our cooking at home. Having a toddler I have always been worried that he’s eating. It’s then so easy to fall into the trap of giving anything out of fear they’re not eating. But no more! Thanks to Smug Cooking School (which is the BEST investment you’ll EVA make) we’ve simplified things right down. More real food. More focus on eating what’s on our plates. Less focus on how ‘healthy’ it is, but knowing there’s goodness all around. Thanks Hayley and Al for easing the stress on this home!" K.H 

"Since I signed up for Smug Cooking School with sisters Alice & Hayley, I’ve become so much more conscious about what I’m buying at the supermarket and what I’m making. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had days where all the things I know have been thrown out the window and I’ve made some pretty poor food choices, BUT they are informed and I don’t judge anyone else’s food choices because we all do the best we can. … The food giants, marketing and society have conditioned us to buy things that [packaged and pre-made foods] will save us time... BUT if we look at the ingredients in these processed foods they are not good for us, and over time the more of it we eat the less our bodies function optimally.

Thanks Alice and Hayley for lots of fantastic information, recipes and guidance." J. S

An entire year of access to the Smug Cooking School. And yes we will be teaching throughout the entire year!


Smug Cooking School

The Smuggest!

One-time payment for access to all content within the course! Regular updates and emails from Alice and Hayley and Facebook or email support!

3 payments of $55/m

Smug Queen

3 x quarterly payments

Access to the full course content unlimited. Regular updates and email and Facebook Support.

Any additional courses launched through Smug will see you get first dibs, special preference + VIP Offers AND a cherry on top.